My goal is to provide you with the best, and most honest reading that I can. My goal is to assist you in getting more insight and encouragement. I would be honored to read for you, and I am offering the first online reading for free. But also I wanted to share what some of my clients have said about my Intuitive Tarot Readings. ~ Chad

What my clients say about my readings:

“I have always wanted a reading done. Chad was very professional and the reading did make my jaw drop. I recently had a lot of stress and negativity surrounding my life. He showed this and my struggle in my reading. There was a very professional approach to his reading and it gave me hope for the future. One statement stood out the most in the readings is ” there is dark and there is light. You must choose”. Given the severity of the issues that recently have happened in my life. This truly hit home and I did some re-evaluation of the next steps.
I would recommend anyone whom wants a professional amazing reason to please spend some time and have Chad execute the reading.”
~ Kelli C. 

“I have been struggling with a number of areas of my life for the past several months and couldn’t get any clear guidance. Part of it was not asking the right questions on my end, but part of it was searching for the right reader. Chad delivered exactly the messages I needed to hear to help me streamline my business life and make some serious progress in my personal life. I am sometimes really skeptical of new readers, but Chad Shank is the real deal and I am happy to recommend him to others, even others who, like myself have spent years in the field themselves.” ~ Cassandra Snow, Tarot Reader

“I was looking for clarification and guidance, and that is exactly what I got from Chad. It has only been a year since my Mom’s sudden death, taking on the duty of raising my nephews and now planning a wedding. I have been confused and stressed about where certain things were headed. I keep going back to my reading and diving deeper into its meaning. Thank you for giving me some insight Chad. I will be back for future readings!” ~ Patrice M.

“I came to Chad with a very specific  topic which was my job.  I came looking for some insight and guidance to help me make some decisions. From my tarot reading Chad was able to describe the atmosphere, culture and energy of my work environment to a “T” He brought to like the negativity that I was just casually dismissing.   He was able to discern what influences me ,  which has given me more self-awareness.   My reading with Chad has helped me to settle some things in my mind that  I was not clear on , and left me with truth, clarity and insight that I needed.” ~ Glenda E. 

“I found Chad’s reading to be really insightful. I had been feeling a lot of unfocused anxiety and Chad helped me zero in on where it was coming from and what I should work on in order to feel more happy and peaceful. I appreciate the balance between big-picture themes and more specific cautions, suggestions and encouragements Chad delivers in his readings. I’ve gone back over what he wrote in the days following and continued to get further insights. A great experience all-round.” ~ Jill C.

“Chad did a Tarot Reading for me the other day. This guy has got a gift, for sure. I was kind of wondering about my life in general… Why I was feeling the way I was. It’s close to Christmas, and I was down, didn’t know why. The reading was spot on. The cards and Chad had it right. Why I was down and the best news ever…. That it was gonna lift soon. Thanks for giving me the hope I was looking for.” ~ Lois P. 

“I had asked Chad a general question and he did an amazing job at tapping into the situation. He was able to figure out what I was really dealing with and was sensing that I was grasping onto something. He pointed out that I might not be focusing on the correct thing and that I should re-evaluate if what I am doing is really helping me. Since the reading I have been able to let some things go and move in other directions and find other tools that have been extremely helpful for my situation.I was at a point where I kept telling myself that if I can just get to this point that things will get better. I was starting to get mad at myself because I felt like I was lying because I didn’t really know that it would get better. One key phrase that I really need to hear was to that everything has a season and that your current situation will pass. Hearing that from another person made me feel more relaxed about my situation and then things did change, and it was not bothering me to the same degree and has continued to improve.Thank you, Chad, for sharing your insightful gifts with me. I truly appreciate it and will definitely use your services in the future.” ~ Adrienne

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