Sunday Tarot: 1/20/19

Happy Sunday! I took a break from readings for awhile. I was down with a nasty cold, but I am almost back to my bad self. So I thought I would start up these readings again. Today the cards are really all about looking at the great amounts of love and great things we have in our lives. Spend time with someone who makes you feel happy today. This may even be yourself. Really focus on the many things that are good in your life. You have been carrying a lot of weight lately. This is not for nothing. You should be proud of what you have done and been through. I like this Sunday message. I hope you do too. Don’t forget I am teaching a Songwriting with Tarot class 2/22 at Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Songwriting with Tarot Class – 2/22/19

SONGWRITING WITH TAROT: 2/22/19 6pm to 8pm $20.00 – Enchanted Boutique, White Bear Lake, MN
I am excited to leading a special class at Enchanted Boutique. This class is about how to write songs and lyrics using Tarot Cards. Not only will you learn how Tarot Cards can help you write songs, but you will learn how to write lyrics that tell stories and connect with people. We will explore many things including:
– Using Tarot as a Songwriting Tool
– Rhyme Schemes
– Song Section Functions
– Using 6 points of connection to draw in listeners
– How Tarot Cards can help you write better
– How to Build Contrast in your writing
– How to write more creatively
This class will be Friday Feb 22nd from 6pm to 8pm at Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN.

Sunday Tarot Reading 1/13/19

Hey Friends! Don’t forget that I will be reading cards in person for Psychic Sunday at Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake today. This event is 1pm to 6pm. Stop out! Get a full personal reading. Today’s general reading is a 3 card pull that is saying that today you feel like attacking something you have been putting off. Taking action on something that has been on your mind and heart for a while. Today may be the time to finally get going on whatever this is. Also you should spend time with people you love today. Count your blessings and act from a place of gratitude. If you do these things it appears you will feel much better and you will feel like you have more choices and more ways you can go. Today is a good day for a productive Sunday Funday! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Six Card Saturday Tarot: 1/12/19

Today is a Six Card Saturday. What are these cards saying to you? They are indicating that you may be nearing the completion of a project or idea. You might still have a little bit of a dilemma in totally finishing. You may need to focus on coming up with one final idea or plan. The cards are saying that to end this, you may need to start a new thing. You are also going to need to try to forget a few past disappointments, those are gone. What is going to help you keep the fire lit is working on creative work. Following an inner passion. You will want to dive into yourself but also people who share your vision. Spend some time with your tribe. And what will keep you happy is not making major changes, but making slower and deliberate changes for the better. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Friday Tarot 1/11/19

As we start Friday and end the work week, the cards have messages for you. It appears that there is some heartbreak or disappointment going on with you right now. You feel a bit defeated and sad. The cards are saying that you may need to let go of physically trying to do every damn thing, both at home or at work. You can be a stubborn one. You need to loosen up a bit. If you can do this, the cards are showing that you can set yourself up for better days ahead. The feeling of success you want may already be in you, just try to find it. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Thursday Tarot 1/10/19

The cards today are saying that you may be presented with some choices today. None of them may sound extremely good. You may be asked to pick the least bad option today. What you need to do is look at yourself from a power perspective. Do you really have the resources to move forward with any of them? Sometimes it is ok to do nothing if you can’t decide. The reality is that nothing is certain and everything is a cycle. What feels off now will eventually work itself out. Have faith in that, and if you do choose. Choose what you know you can handle. 💜💜💜💜💜

Wednesday Tarot: 1/9/19

Happy Wednesday! What message do the cards have for you today? Well it appears that you have been carefree and on top of the world. Seems like you have just been carrying on like nothing can get you, but you may need to stop and pay a bit more attention to your financial situation. Maybe you have been overspending or maybe you feel trapped in a dead-end job. These cards are saying that if you keep on this path, you may feel good, but you may be blocking yourself from better times ahead. So enjoy feeling good, but don’t ignore the things below the surface, especially money or job related stuff 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Tuesday Tarot 1/8/19 – What the Universe is saying to you

Today is Tuesday. The cards today are telling you that you may have some family conflicts or issues today. Something with your family is bugging you. Inside you are stuck on this. The cards are telling you to make a change in order to find relief. The Death card is telling you that change is a transition, but it creates freedom. The last card is 4 of wands, and it shows that better times and better places are yet to be experienced. So take a look at what is holding your emotions today. What can you do to change? Can you take steps toward change if you know that success awaits? The cards are saying to not fear change. Ise it to get past your problems. 💜💜💜💜💜

Your Weekend Tarot Reading for 1/5/19 and 1/6/19

Today’s reading is covering both Saturday and Sunday. The cards today have a message for you as you begin your weekend.

The first card is Ace of Swords Reversed. This is saying your mind may be on something that popped up recently. This is some kind of issue. You don’t quite know what to make of it yet, but it is there. There second card is advice to you. This card is The Universe. This is telling you to keep your issues in perspective. There are so many more important things to experience. There is so much to this life and here you are wasting time worrying about something insignificant. This card is telling you to get out of the house today. Go experience something new, and pay attention to nature. The last card is telling you that your problems won’t magically disappear but if you keep them in perspective, you will feel much better.


Friday! 1/4/19 Tarot Reading: What is holding you back?

TGIF! Today’s Tarot Reading is about what is holding you back right now. What are the roadblocks that are slowing you down?

The first card is The Father of Wands. This is saying that you haven’t completed or even figured out what makes you feel energized. You are still searching for what lights your fire. You also may be struggling with figuring out next steps in your path.

The next card is The Devil. This is saying that you are struggling with some kind of bad habit or addiction. This may also be a cage of negative thinking that you cannot escape. You feel like you can’t break free from whatever this is. It may be patterns, substances or thoughts. The thing about this card is that many times we just think we are chained, but in reality we hold our own key.

The last card holding you back is Child of Swords. Children are naive. Many times we don’t really see what our issues are, and we don’t act like adults. We pout and cry about our problems, when truly that helps the problems grow. Today the cards are telling you that you can’t keep acting childish about your problems.

These 3 cards are telling you some things to work on before the weekend, and the rest of your journey.