Your Saturday Tarot Reading 3/2/19

Happy Saturday! It has been awhile since I posted a reading. Winter in Minneapolis has been extra challenging this year and we got a new puppy! I finally had time to slow down and do a reading for y’all.

So what are the cards saying today? Well the first card, Golden Flower, is telling me that you have been trying to regain balance and find some kind of normalcy. Lately you feel like you are on hamster wheel that won’t stop. One thing after another keeps throwing you off. The second card is showing that you need to make some choices about which battles and problems you worry about, and which you let go. This will take some internal processing, but it will be good for you. The last card is telling you that things are about to settle a little bit if you take time to slow down. Not all issues will magically go away, but you will feel much more grounded soon! 💜💜💜💜💜

Sunday Tarot Pull 2/10/19

Pulled some cards. It has been a really snowy week with more on the way this week. Welcome to Minnesota! This weather has me off my reading rhythm, but so it goes. But today I asked the cards for you. So I asked what is challenging you today. Got the Ace of Cups reversed. You have some internal conversations going on. You feel off and can’t quite figure out why. You feel extra emotional and things are unsettled for you. What is going well? This card is 2 of Pentacles Reversed. This is saying you have gotten past dealing with a few money issues. It seems like thar cloud gas at least cleared for a while. So what should you do more of? This is 3 of Pentacles. This means work, and growing in your craft. Pay attention to others that have been successful in your field. Be a student. Learn from others and from your own experience. Be focused. What should you give up? This is 5 of Pentacles. This card is saying to stop worrying about money. That part of your life will work itself out. You need to focus on the other parts, like your relationships and emotional side.


Tuesday Tarot 2/5/19

Tuesday Tarot! What are the cards saying today? Well they are all reversed. It seems there is a whole bunch of internal stuff going on with you. You may be in your own head and feelings alot right now. The first card, Ace of Cups Reversed is showing that you are having some questions about a new beginning of some sort. You are slowed down and might be in a state of being scared or cautious. The Knight of Swords is telling you that you are ok going a little slower. It is saying, “Do not make any quick actions.” You need to really contemplate on your next moves and what they mean. The last card, The Tower Reversed is saying change is going to happen. Change is happening whether you like it or not. Right now you are struggling with which one. This card is saying that if you take calculated and thoughtful steps, your world will change, but not explode. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Sunday Tarot – What Challenge Will You Face This Week? 1/27/19

It is Sunday and Monday is knocking on the door. I asked the cards what challenges you will face this coming week, and what you should do about it. The cards are saying that this week is going to feel up in the air. Lots of things flying around, and things moving quickly. There may be some level of chaos in all of this movement. You may also find yourself needing to move on from something. You may realize you have stayed in a situation long enough. Your intuition is going to poke you into action.

In the midst of this movement and moving on the advice for the week is this: You have made a ton of progress and found quite a large level of success. Not everyone around you likes this. You may find yourself needing to fly a little more solo and trust your instinct more than listening to people around you. No one knows you more than you do. So this week as things get crazy, use yourself as a guide and stand strong even when others try to mess it up 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Saturday Tarot 1/26/19

My lovely assistant, Josh, pulled these cards today. He said that we should ask the cards what we need to know today. They are relating to your money situation or work today. It seems like you may want to slow your row on what you have in your mind on work or spending. The advice today is to admit that it is ok to feel spent and defeated. We all can’t be strong all of the time. If you accept some defeat today you can have a clearer head on what you want to do with your creative side and passions.

Monday and Tuesday I am reading at Enchanted Boutique, 5 to 8pm. Hope to aee you. 💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏

Four Card Friday 1/25/19

Four Card Friday! I asked the Universe what you need to know about today. Today is a day that you feel truly ready to take on the world today. You have confidence and mental fortitude, and you feel like you can do anything. It has been awhile since you have felt this way. You have been thinking a lot about money and career. You final feel a little bit off, but much better. You have a little more emotional stability today. Your day is bookended by Strength and Reflection. Tonight when you go to bed you will be doing some soul searching and holding on to many great blessings in your life.

I will be giving in person readings this Monday and Tuesday evening at Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN. Thanks for checking out my page.


Thursday Tarot Reading 1/24/19

It is Friday eve. We have almost made it to the weekend. Today I asked what is going on for you. What advice does the Universe have? It appears today you may be feeling a bit more emotionally unstable. The confidence you ended yesterday with seems to have gone away overnight. You have a lot of things coming at you today from a thought and issue standpoint. You won’t feel completely defeated today, but you will feel a bit beat up. The cards are telling me that you may have to face some of these issues head on, and break the many into a couple. Then you will be able to see clearer on choices you will have to make.

If you would like a personal online, emailed Tarot reading, they are $30. I will go more indepth, just on you. Let me know if I can read for you.


Wednesday Tarot: 1/23/19

Today I asked the cards what you need to know today. The Death card showed up again. This doesn’t mean literal death. In these cards there is a lot of hope today. The Death card is signaling that you have been through some changes recently that feel major. These changes feel overwhelming, you you have been pushing. A new day is coming, it may even be today. When it comes to money today you may need to juggle some things around and make some choices, but in the end you are going to feel pretty good and accomplished. Your cup and heart will be fuller.

If you would like a personal emailed reading, let me know. Also I will be reading cards at Enchanted Boutique next Monday and Tuesday from 5 to 8pm 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Tuesday Tarot 1/22/19

Tuesday Tarot. What do the cards want you to know today? Well an interesting message coming through today. It seems to be saying that you have had some prideful moments recently and it has been on your mind. You may have been trying to get people on your side but you might have pushed a little too far. I feel that the cards are sayin you put yourself above others and it may have backfired. The Death card is really telling you to make a change of perspective. Not everything is a race. Not everything is a competition. You need to learn how to compete with your own best, not someone else’s.

Don’t forget I am reading at Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN tonight from 5pm to 8 pm. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Monday Tarot 1/21/19

Today is the start of the week. Some have today off for Martin Luther King Day. Some are at work. So what does the Universe want you to know today? Well every single card is reversed today. So today may be an inner struggle kind of day for you. You may find yourself analyzing and overthinking some things. You may be feeling like career plans or physical goals are stalled. You had a plan, but you are getting very far. It is like you can see the keys that you just locked in your car, but you can’t touch them. I get the sense today is going to feel like that. You need to take a deep look at what you have been doing. Is your action enough of the right actions? Likely you won’t have this figured out today, but acknowledging this will help you make progress soon. 💜💜💜💜