Your Saturday Tarot Reading 3/2/19

Happy Saturday! It has been awhile since I posted a reading. Winter in Minneapolis has been extra challenging this year and we got a new puppy! I finally had time to slow down and do a reading for y’all.

So what are the cards saying today? Well the first card, Golden Flower, is telling me that you have been trying to regain balance and find some kind of normalcy. Lately you feel like you are on hamster wheel that won’t stop. One thing after another keeps throwing you off. The second card is showing that you need to make some choices about which battles and problems you worry about, and which you let go. This will take some internal processing, but it will be good for you. The last card is telling you that things are about to settle a little bit if you take time to slow down. Not all issues will magically go away, but you will feel much more grounded soon! 💜💜💜💜💜

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