Sunday Tarot Pull 2/10/19

Pulled some cards. It has been a really snowy week with more on the way this week. Welcome to Minnesota! This weather has me off my reading rhythm, but so it goes. But today I asked the cards for you. So I asked what is challenging you today. Got the Ace of Cups reversed. You have some internal conversations going on. You feel off and can’t quite figure out why. You feel extra emotional and things are unsettled for you. What is going well? This card is 2 of Pentacles Reversed. This is saying you have gotten past dealing with a few money issues. It seems like thar cloud gas at least cleared for a while. So what should you do more of? This is 3 of Pentacles. This means work, and growing in your craft. Pay attention to others that have been successful in your field. Be a student. Learn from others and from your own experience. Be focused. What should you give up? This is 5 of Pentacles. This card is saying to stop worrying about money. That part of your life will work itself out. You need to focus on the other parts, like your relationships and emotional side.


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