Your Weekend Tarot Reading for 1/5/19 and 1/6/19

Today’s reading is covering both Saturday and Sunday. The cards today have a message for you as you begin your weekend.

The first card is Ace of Swords Reversed. This is saying your mind may be on something that popped up recently. This is some kind of issue. You don’t quite know what to make of it yet, but it is there. There second card is advice to you. This card is The Universe. This is telling you to keep your issues in perspective. There are so many more important things to experience. There is so much to this life and here you are wasting time worrying about something insignificant. This card is telling you to get out of the house today. Go experience something new, and pay attention to nature. The last card is telling you that your problems won’t magically disappear but if you keep them in perspective, you will feel much better.


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