Friday! 1/4/19 Tarot Reading: What is holding you back?

TGIF! Today’s Tarot Reading is about what is holding you back right now. What are the roadblocks that are slowing you down?

The first card is The Father of Wands. This is saying that you haven’t completed or even figured out what makes you feel energized. You are still searching for what lights your fire. You also may be struggling with figuring out next steps in your path.

The next card is The Devil. This is saying that you are struggling with some kind of bad habit or addiction. This may also be a cage of negative thinking that you cannot escape. You feel like you can’t break free from whatever this is. It may be patterns, substances or thoughts. The thing about this card is that many times we just think we are chained, but in reality we hold our own key.

The last card holding you back is Child of Swords. Children are naive. Many times we don’t really see what our issues are, and we don’t act like adults. We pout and cry about our problems, when truly that helps the problems grow. Today the cards are telling you that you can’t keep acting childish about your problems.

These 3 cards are telling you some things to work on before the weekend, and the rest of your journey.


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