1/3/19 Tarot Reading: What do you need to give up today?

Today’s reading is all about what you need to give up today. Usually we ask what we need to do, but today is what you need to stop doing. The first card is 9 of Pentacles Reversed. This is telling you to stop making so much fuss over your body and your bank account. You spend way too much time worrying about your material world. Today try to let it go.

The second card is The Sun. This is saying to stop trying to be everything to everyone, and stop trying to have it all figured out. We all think we are superheroes, but it is totally ok to admit you don’t know what the F is going on.

The last card is 3 of Wands. This card is about outlook. This card is saying that today might be a good day to leave your old ways of seeing things behind. Try to find a new perspective.


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