Sunday Tarot Cards 12/30/18

Very interesting reading today. The Seven of Wands Reversed card came up again today. It showed up in yesterday’s reading as well. This energy is still with you. It is telling you that you are still in this time of reflection and figuring out your passions. This is still strong today. Are you a bit lost in your own thoughts? You may be stressing over plans and what to do. The second card, Temperance, is telling you to not go too far into this planning phase. This is about finding balance and not forcing anything right now. You need to ask The Universe for guidance and what you want. Then let it go. Let it go. You have planted a seed. You have to wait for it to grow. I guarantee that clarity will come to you. You will feel at peace and you will hear that inner voice guide you. This is your Angel.

The outcome of you letting go and not forcing is a deep inner feeling of success and spiritual wealth.


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