Saturday Full Moon Tarot Pull 12/22/18

Today is a special day, it is a full moon! The moon has a lot of power in our lives, as does the sun. This Full Moon is a good time to make changes and that is what today’s card pull is about.

I asked the Universe what part of your life is holding you back, and the first card is 2 of Pentacles reversed. This is saying that you have some inner struggle around money or career. You go back and forth and dance around your financial life. You think it is just how life is, but is it? The next card represents what you should give up to move forward. Again, a King of Pentacles…more money and career issues. This card is saying that you try very hard to pretend like you have it all figured out and you tell yourself you are fine. The last card is what you should do more of. Today we get the Death card. This card does not mean you should, or will die. It means that you should focus on change. Look at the card…A battle worn skeleton is still riding his horse toward a shining place over the hill. Moving on to better things. These cards today are saying to you, work on giving up on worrying about money, and make some bold changes in your life. There is a new shiny destination ahead! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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