Your Thursday Tarot Pull 12/20/18

Hello Everyone. Today is Thursday, and the cards have a message for you today. The Universe wants you to know that this day may not be your favorite. The First Card, the 3 of swords is saying that there could be a sense of disappointment or a challenge of your heart. If you see the card, it shows a pierced heart, and rain clouds. This might be your feelings today. The middle card is showing that you may feel left out of something today and possibly some work challenges. I feel that you need to see this as just something that won’t last, but you may need to simply feel this today. The last card is saying that you will be deep in your head thinking about the future today. Your inner reflection may almost consume you today, but try to come back to the present and feel the emotions that are coming. We can’t always pretend everything is all flowers and rainbows. Emotions are meant to be felt. They are our messengers. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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