Your Weekend Ahead – 3 Card Pull

3 Cards for your weekend! Each card represents Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in order. So what is this telling you?

FRIDAY: Today things are feeling and looking good. The day is looking like you will be mostly in control of your emotions and situations today. You feel a sense of completion and contentment. Everything seems to be rolling along quite well. There is a sense in the air that feels like spring time in the winter. Enjoy today! You deserve it.

SATURDAY: This Card is the Empress reversed. Saturday may be a bit more of a challenging day. You may have some trouble nurturing yourself and truly relaxing. You may find it hard to do creative tasks, and get projects rolling. There may be just too much to do and you may feel like you don’t get to enjoy this day.

SUNDAY: The Sunday Card is The Hermit. After your crazier Saturday, this may be a good day to retreat a little bit. Hide away from the world and really focus on you. Make lists of things you want to do this next week that will make you happy. Don’t focus on what you HAVE to do, focus on what would really make you feel good, and what would be moving your closer to your passions or goals. The light of the Hermit is your inner wisdom, let it guide you.


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