Daily Tarot Insight – 12/11/18

Today’s card is quite powerful, and telling about what may be happening in your life at the moment. Just look at the cards. They are screaming trying to balance normalcy and chaos. Stuck in between getting what you want and totally throwing in the towel. Let’s break it down more…

The first card is the Ten of Swords. This really is about being defeated and not being able to take much more. You are so close to just being done. So much has been eating at you, and you almost can’t go on. BUT…Look at the middle card. This is the Temperance card. This card is all about balance and finding your control again. The person on the card is controlling lots of energies around them. And you see in the swirls that it is all about cycles and staying focused. 

The last card is Nine of Swords, this one is showing us that even though we have had some tough, tough times, we are very close to getting past the yucky stuff. Our weights we have been carrying will soon be put down. This is exciting and looking at the cards together tells me that if you can see where you have come from, and you can see you are close to where you want to be, then you will be alright in the long run. ~ Chad 

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