Daily Tarot Cards 12/9/18

Sunday Morning Tarot It is a peaceful Sunday morning here in Plymouth, MN. I asked the Universe what you need to know this morning. I used the Naked Heart Tarot deck. The 3 cards are all reversed, but that is not all bad. I feel like these three cards give you some hope. Recently you may have been feeling like the party is over. You may have been feeling a little down and maybe even a bit lonely. Were you hoping to have more time with someone? Or maybe hoping for more attention? The 4 of Cups reversed is stating that you may be coming out of this phase. That is good news! The middle card, Father of Wands reversed is still showing that you have not quite passed this period and you have some remaining dimming of your passion. This phase in your life is not quite over, not quite at completion. The final card, Six of Cups reversed is also showing that some of the battles you have in your own head are still going on. You have some conflicts or mental blocks or thoughts that seem to still get to you some days. The good news is that this card does mean you are getting closer to the calm and peace you know exists. You have found it before. You will find it again.

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