Daily Tarot Reading 12/8/18

Saturday Tarot Reading Today’s cards are a reminder and maybe even a nudge that today is the best day take action on your goals. The Knight of Wands is all about marching toward your passions and dreams. This is your bump to get going at it. The middle card is The Empress Reversed. This card is saying that you have not been as nurturing and kind to yourself as you could…and should be. The next card is The Devil. Don’t be scared of this. The Devil is whatever we struggle with. Today I feel this could be anything that has been holding you back. Is it Food? Drinking? Something else? All of these cards together are really telling you in a strong way that now is the time to take care of yourself. Do that diet, or workout plan. Give up some vices. This is going to be hard but the Universe wants you to be the best you can be. So take care of yourself and push toward what you really want. Break the chains that hold you back.

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