New Moon Tarot Pull – 12/7/18

New Moon Tarot Pull
New Moon Tarot Pull

What you need to know today:

Today is a new Moon. It is a good time for a reset and starting something new.

We also just came out of Mercury in Retrograde, things will settle a bit more now, but what does the Universe want you to know?

Today I am using the Chrysalis Tarot Deck. The first card is the Green Man. This card is saying to us that things are ripe for new action and growth. You may have projects in the works or ideas that have been brewing. The energies around us seems to be in a good place for you to get going.

The second card is the Eight or Scrolls reversed. This means you likely don’t have everything figured out just yet. You should keep asking the universe and your Angels for guidance on the things you don’t see yet.

The last card is the 10 of scrolls. This is a very positive physical and financial card. This indicates you are truly in a good spot today. The energy of the new Moon, and your own inner strength are telling me that now is a great time to take a chance to try new things and discover who you truly are. 💜💜

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