Daily Tarot – 12/5/18

Tarot Reading Online
Today’s Tarot Reading is 7 of Swords, Page of Cups Reversed, and King of Swords Reversed. 

Today’s Tarot Card pull is an interesting one. I asked the Universe what you needed to be aware of today. The 7 of Swords indicates a bit of a deception going on. Someone is being sneaky. Could it be you, or someone around you? The next card Page of Cups Reversed is saying to me that a message or idea around your emotions is a bit challenging today. Since we see the Swords card and this card, you may not be liking what you area hearing, feeling or seeing. Then the King of Swords Reversed is implying that you thought you had this issue or situation figured out, but now you are questioning things a bit more. Today is a good day to keep your eyes open and be cautious. 

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