Daily Tarot Card – 12/4/18

What does the Universe want you to know today? 

8 of Cups and Queen of Pentacles

Today’s Daily Tarot Cards are the 8 of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles. These cards are giving us the message that it is ok to leave the things that do not serve us. Everything has a cycle or a season. You see the person in the cards making a journey and collecting cups. We also see the moon. This is about searching for what we know will make us happy, even if it means making changes and going to new places.  The Queen of Pentacles reminds us to take an inventory and reflect on the material side of life, and be grateful for what we have. You see the Queen surrounded by a lush landscape and abundance while she holds a large coin. Sometimes it is good to stop and look at what we truly have already. Even though the journey continues. We sure have made it a long way, baby! ~ Chad

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